Passive income: Earning by doing nothing.

The current situation around the Globe constantly changes which can bring some difficulties if are talking about financial status. Additional funds are no doubt always a good thing, that is the reason I wanted to bring to the public my method to earn extra 30–40 dollars by using certain services.

These are unique systems that allow participants to get paid for sharing their unused traffic. I want to focus on three services I found the best in the same category. I will try to cover each essential aspect, such as earnings, withdrawal process, and referral program.


In my opinion superior service, alongside decent incomes has many ways to withdraw earned assets. In addition, having a bigger number of diverse devices connected to the app lets you earn more cash.

Withdrawal methods

For instance, I earned about 6 dollars less than a week using my laptop and office desktop. It is worth mentioning that the application available on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. Unfortunately the app is not supported on IOS.

The screen of my earnings

A referral program allows you to have a unique link, which can be used to invite more users. Additionally, it should be noted that Peer2Profit provides various promotional materials you can use as banners.

Web Site link:

My referal code: 16478551106238460625de6


The second service apart from internet sharing income offers additional earnings by completing different tasks from offerwalls. Honeygain gives free five dollars to new members moreover, you can pick daily rewards. The official app is available on desktops and IOS only.


As you can observe above, I have earned more than ten dollars in about a week. The payout can be requested from 20 dollars. Apart from that, you can have additional earnings from doing tasks via JumpTask. The referral program includes a link to share with other users.

Web site link:


The final service on my list I wanted to mention is called IPRoyal. Efficient and non-complex application without any major features. Earnings from it aren’t that great, but you can use it along with other apps mentioned in the article.


Referral link included to let you find more audience. The main downside of the app is a limitation of one application per one IP address, also it is not supported on IOS.

Web site link:


In the conclusion, I just wanted to point out how accessible earning online can be nowadays. Companies come across innovative ideas to bring us effortless monetization of routine activities.

Thank you for reading my article.



Young enthusiast in the field of digital art and development with ambitious concepts in the world of Web 3

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Young enthusiast in the field of digital art and development with ambitious concepts in the world of Web 3